Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Carff Family - Pensacola Family Photographer

The Carff family was the next session in our November Pensacola Event. After looking through some picture albums and talking to the family I found a recurring theme. This was a very loving family with a deep sense of values. Their lives seemed focused on the people and family within and not material things or frivolities. The theme that began emerging in my mind was early American farm life to portray a love and connection to the simple things in life. As we started to discuss the details it was clear we were heading in right direction.  On their property was a barn wall from the original barn where Mrs. Carff grew up. After digging around she also found old tools from the childhood farm of her late dad. I loved working with this family, truly "the salt of the earth."

I like to juxtapose vintage with modern elements and posing. Armed with the most perfect weather.... here are the fruits of our labor.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Ridder Family - Pensacola Family Photographer

We kicked off the November Pensacola Event with the Ridder family. The overall inspiration for this family was based loosely around the idea of the Kennedy's in the Hamptons. We have a large Catholic family with both a traditional and military background..... sounds right to me.  I wanted to keep things more formal with this session and loosen things up with games on the lawn, BUT we got rained out. We had to reshoot days later and the second time around went a little more casual. I really love this family.