Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sarah my sister-in-law - Bridal Portraits Pensacola Florida

I think I'm starting to get some of these sessions out of order. Up next is a bridal session that I did with my sister-in-law a few days before the wedding. I'll sneak in a few at the end that I took of the actual wedding. What a stunning beauty.

Zella Bea 6 Months - Apollo Beach Baby Photographer

So I totally love this family who were recently stationed in Okinawa so that made this our last session together. Such a bittersweet session... I think towards the end of our beach day the sadness kind of shines through.


Bruce 6 Months - Tampa Bay Child Photographer

I love seeing how much "my babies" have grown in such a short time. Meet Mr. Bruce, gorgeous blue-eyed bouncing baby boy. Arianah definitely earned her keep with this session. She had to do jumping jacks and some kind of wiggle dance to get him to smile. Well can you blame him... after all we were all laughing and smiling.